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Recent papers

Heterologous reporter expression in the planarian Schmidtea mediterranea through somatic mRNA transfection. Hall RN§, Weill U§, Khariton M, Leal-Ortiz S, Drees L, Chai C, Xue Y, Rosental B, Quake SR, Sánchez Alvarado A, Melosh NA, Fire A, Rink JC*, Wang B*. submitted. (bioRxiv)

Single-cell deconstruction of stem cell driven schistosome development. Nanes Sarfati D, Li P, Tarashansky AJ, Wang B. Trends in Parasitology, 37, 790-802 (2021). (link)

Mapping single-cell atlases throughout Metazoa unravels cell type evolution. Tarashansky AJ, Musser JM§, Khariton M§, Li P, Arendt D, Quake SR, Wang B. eLife, 10, e66747 (2021). (link)

Single-cell analysis of Schistosoma mansoni identifies a conserved genetic program controlling germline stem cell fate. Li P, Nanes Sarfati D§, Xue Y§, Yu X, Tarashansky AJ, Quake SR, Wang B. Nature Communications, 12, 485 (2021). (link)

Mechanical expansion microscopy. Fan Y§, Lim Y§, Wyss LS, Park S, Xu C, Fu H, Fei J, Hong Y, Wang B. Methods in Cell Biology, 161, 125-146 (2021). (link)

Chromatic neuronal jamming in a primitive brain. Khariton M§, Kong X§​, Qin J*, Wang B*. Nature Physics, 16, 553-557 (2020). (link)

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Group News

Jun 2021. We join the Neuro-Omics Inititaitve led by Liqun Luo, Alice Ting, and Steve Quake, which is a part of the Wu Tasi Big Ideas in Neuroscience program. In this project, we will use single-cell sequencing to compare neuronal cell types across different species to understand how nervous system evolved. (link)

May 2021. Alec Tarashansky's work on mapping single-cell transcriptomic atlases across long evolutionary distances to understand cell type evolution is published in eLife and highlighted in Stanford News. (link)

Oct. 2020. Margarita Khariton is named a Siebel Scholar. (link)

Sept. 2020. Our work on planarian regeneration is featured by 2020 ScienceNews 10: Scientists to Watch. (link)

Aug. 2020. Our NIGMS Maximizing Investigators Research Award (MIRA) is funded. It will support our work on planarian regeneration.

Aug. 2020. Our collaboration with Sindy Tang to develop spatial genomics technology is awarded seed funding from Bio-X. (link)

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