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Recent papers

Mechanical expansion microscopy. Fan Y§, Lim Y§, Wyss LS, Park S, Xu C, Fu H, Fei J, Hong Y, Wang B. submitted.

Forecasting unprecedented ecological fluctuations. Bray SR, Wang B. submitted.

'Chromatic' neuronal jamming in a primitive brain. Khariton M, Kong X​, Qin J*, Wang B*. Nature Physics, accepted.

Mechanically resolved imaging of bacteria using expansion microscopy. Lim Y, Shiver AL, Khariton M, Lane KM, Ng KM, Bray SR, Qin J, Huang KC, Wang B. PLOS Biology, 17, e3000268 (2019). (link)

Self-assembling manifolds in single-cell RNA sequencing data. Tarashansky AJ, Xue Y​, Li P, Quake SR, Wang B. eLife, 8, e48994 (2019). (link)

Phase transitions in mutualistic communities under invasion. Bray SR, Fan Y, Wang B. Physical Biology, 16, 045001 (2019). (link)

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Group News

Oct. 2019. Our work on mechanically resolved expansion microscopy is published in PLOS Biology and highlighted in Stanford News. (link)

Aug. 2019. Livia Wyss is awarded with a NSF Graduate Research Fellowship and selected to be a trainee of the NIH Cell and Molecular Biology Training Program. 

Aug. 2019. Our collaboration with Alejandro Sánchez Alvarado and Nicholas Melosh on planarian transgenics is funded by the NSF EDGE (Enabling Discovery through GEnomic Tools) program. (link)

Jun. 2019. Our work on schistosomes is featured in Stanford Medicine Magazine. (link

May 2019. Jesse Gibson is awarded with a Stanford Graduate Fellowship (SGF), one of the most prestigious university-wide fellowships.

Apr. 2019. Nelson Hall's work on planarian transgenics is highlighted in Stanford News. (link)

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