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Pengyang Li

Graduate Student (joined @ 06/2016)

Bioengineering Agilent Fellow

B.S. in Materials Science & Engineering, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
M.S. in Materials Science & Engineering, Stanford

Office: Shriram 037

Samuel Bray

Graduate Student (joined @ 06/2017)

NIH Cell and Molecular Biology Training Program

B.S. in Bioengineering, UCLA

Office: Shriram 037

Richard Nelson Hall

Graduate Student (joined @ 06/2017)


joint with Andrew Fire

B.S. in Biological Engineering, MIT

Office: Shriram 037

Chew Chai

Graduate Student (joined @ 03/2018)

Stanford Graduate Fellow (SGF)

B.S. in Chemistry, MIT

Office: Shriram 048A

Dania Nanes Sarfati

Graduate Student (joined @ 05/2018)

Bio-X Bowes Graduate Student Fellowship

B.S. in Biology, National Autonomous University of Mexico

Office: Shriram 048A

Jesse Gibson

Graduate Student (joined @ 03/2019)

Stanford Graduate Fellow (SGF)

B.S. in Computer Science & Molecular Biology, MIT

Office: Shriram 048A

Yuhang Fan

Graduate Student (joined @ 03/2019)

Bio-X Stanford Interdisciplinary Graduate Fellow (SIGF)

B.S. in Mathematics, Zhejiang University, China

Office: Shriram 048A

Livia Wyss

Graduate Student (joined @ 05/2019)

NIH Cell and Molecular Biology Training Program

B.S. in Neuroscience, Trinity College

Office: Shriram 048A

Eunsun Song

Graduate Student (joined @ 11/2020)
Applied Physics

B.S. in Physics, Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology, Korea

Office: Shriram 048A

Collin Kalicki

Undergraduate student (joined @ 01/2021)

Abegail Bigasin

Life science research professional (joined @ 09/2021)

B.S. in Biology, UCSD

Office: Shriram 048A

Bo Wang

Assistant Professor
Departments of Bioengineering and (by courtesy) of Developmental Biology

Office: Shriram 084

Administrative associate: Jasmine Desiderio

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Former Members

Youngbin Lim
Postdoc, 07/2016-07/2019

Alexander J. Tarashansky
PhD student, 02/2016-06/2021

Margarita Khariton
PhD student, 06/2016-09/2021

Xi Yu, MS student (10/2018-05/2020). Xi worked on a RNAi screen to identify regulators of germline development in schistosomes. Her next station is Mayo Clinic, to pursue her Ph.D. in Biomedical Engineering and Physiology.

Huiying Yang, Research associate (01/2016-07/2016). Huiying set up the lab routine of our schistosome work, and got our first set of experiments up and running. She is currently a pharmacologist and clinical researcher at Huashan Hospital, Fudan University, China.


Junqin Zhu, Biology (01/2021-04/2021). Jun analyzed stem cell populations in the acoel worm, Convolutriloba longifissura. Jun went on to work with Manu Prakash.

Sophie Walton, Biophysics (01/2021-03/2021). Sophie worked on mRNA transfection of planarian cells. She joined Dmitri Petrov's lab to study microbial evolution.

Soham Sinha, Bioengineering (01/2021-03/2021). Soham built an instrument, 'worm cannon', to cut and collect planarian tissues with microscale precision. He joined Mark Skylar-Scott's lab to pursue his PhD on 3D printing techniques.

Jordan Xiao, Biophysics (09/2019-12/2019). Jordan worked on implementing single-cell ATACseq on schistosome cells in order to understand wound induced chromatin remodeling. Jordan joined Jan Skotheim's lab to study cell cycle control in yeast.

Jiawei Sun, Bioengineering (09/2019-12/2019). Jiawei's work aimed to develop an unsupervised algorithm for transcriptomic cell type atlas analysis. He went on to work with KC Huang for his PhD.

Sasha Zemsky, Biophysics (01/2018-03/2018). Sasha combined experiments and theory to understand the control mechanisms of cellular homeostatic dynamics in planarians. Sasha joined Zev Bryant's lab for her thesis research.

Ellie Flaum, Biophysics (01/2018-03/2018). Ellie explored super-resolution imaging methods to characterize nuclear architecture in planarians. She went on to join Manu Prakash's lab.

Pam Rios Coronado, Biology (09/2017-12/2017). Pam characterized gene expression patterns in the schistosome germline. She joined Kristy Red-Horse's lab to work on heart development.

Pranav Vyas, Bioengineering (09/2017-12/2017). Pranav's work with us focused on the remodeling of planarian gut during growth and degrowth. Pranav went on to join Manu Prakash working on on Trichoplax.

Paul Bump, Biology (10/2016-03/2017). Paul's work was to purify the planarian immune cells. Paul went on rotating with Irv Weissman to work on tunicates, and joined Chris Lowe to work on hemichordates for his PhD.

Trisha Chong, Developmental Biology (09/2016-12/2016). Using functional genomic analysis, Trisha compared the molecular wounding responses between regenerative and non-regenerative flatworms. Trisha went on to join Lucy Shapiro's lab for her thesis research.

Yuan (Soso) Xue, Bioengineering (09/2015-03/2016). As the first student, Soso declared open the lab at the 2016 Shriram new lab welcome party. During his time with us, he searched for a "first principle project" that defines life by experimenting many different things on the planarian. Soso joined Steve Quake's lab for his thesis research.


Catherine Rogers (06/2019-08/2019). Through the BIOE REU program, Cat worked with Dania on the planarian goblet cells.

Eric Liu (06/2018-08/2018). Eric worked with Nelson on transgene expression in planarian cells, through the BIOE REU program.

Xóchitl Longstaff (10/2017-08/2018). Xóchitl worked on a variety of projects from schistosomes to auxotrophic bacterial communities. Her work was supported by Bio-X USRP, and she co-authored a paper with us (Adv Healthc Mater, 2018).

Eva Frankel (06/2017-12/2017). Through the BIOE REU program, Eva worked with Margarita to characterize gene functions in the planarian immune-like cells. She presented her first poster at the Bioengineering REU poster fair.

Taylor Chavez (01/2017-08/2017). Through the BIOE REU program, Taylor worked with Youngbin to characterize the planarian phototaxis.


Zikang Huang, Undergrad (07/2020-08/2020). Zikang visited us virtually from Tsinghua University, China, through the UGVR program. He helped with the annotation of the Convolutrilba transcriptome.

Songbo Zhang, Undergrad (07/2019-08/2019). Through the Stanford Undergraduate Visiting Research (UGVR) program, Songbo visited us from Tsinghua University, China. He worked with Yuhang on spatial coordination of planarian regeneration.

Maria Lozada, Undergrad (06/2019-08/2019). Through the Stanford Summer Research Program (SSRP), Maria joined us from the University of Miami. She worked with Sam and Livia to collect our first dataset on planarian behaviors during the brain regeneration.

Žaneta Andrusivová, Collaborator (07/2019). Žaneta visited us from Professor Joakim Lundeberg's lab at KTH, Sweden. She worked with Yuhang to implement Spatial Transcriptomics on planarian tissues.

Karamjot Singh, High school intern (06/2019-08/2019). Supported by the Stanford RISE summer internship, Karm worked with Chew to measure the allogeneic response of planarian cells.

Hannah Lee, High school intern (07/2018-08/2018). Hannah worked with Alec to analyze the planarian and schistosome genome. She continued the work as her AP research project. Hannah is now an undergraduate student at UCLA.

Christopher He, High school intern (02/2018-05/2018). As his senior project, Chris worked with Chew to cut and paste planarians to make genetic chimeras. He will continue his passion in biology at UCLA.

Stella Wan, High school intern (06/2017-07/2017). As a passionate bridge player, Stella worked with Sam to explore the ideas of engineer the planarian gut microbiome as an ecosystem. In inducing nonlinear growth behaviors in strongly coupled species networks, tricks in bridge is certainly helpful! Stella now studies Chemistry at UC Berkeley.

Anna Tarashansky, High school intern (06/2016-08/2016). Never pipetted before, Annie joined us to find out if she enjoys biology, and left with a definitive answer. Her work with Soso has initiated our new project that uses the planarian to understand the evolution of microbial communities. Anna continues her education at UC Berkeley.

Aaron Benge, Undergrad (06/2016-08/2016). Aaron joined us from Georgetown College, Kentucky, through a HHMI summer research program. He teamed with Margarita and they two got our first set of super-resolution fluorescence images of the planarian using expansion microscopy. Aaron's next stop will be Oxford, where he will spend his next semester.

Angela Fan, High school intern (06/2016-07/2016). Angela spent her summer working with Pengyang on germline development in juvenile schistosomes. This was her first exposure to molecular biology. In the meantime, Angela is also an active ice skater and dancer. Angela is now an undergraduate student at UC Berkeley.