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In the News

May 2024. Dania Nanes Sarfati's work on the regeneration of a photosymbiotic acoel is published in Nature Communications and highlighted by Stanford Report. (read more | video about the system

Aug. 2023. Our work on Expansion Spatial Transcriptomics is published in Nature Methods and highlighted by Wu Tsai Neurosciences Institute. (read more

Jul. 2023. Yuhang Fan's work on systemic regeneration responses is published in Cell and highlighted in Stanford News. (read more)

May 2022. Our research on planarian regeneration and cell type evolution is spotlighted in Stanford Reports. (read more)

May 2021. Alec Tarashansky's work on mapping single-cell transcriptomic atlases across long evolutionary distances to understand cell type evolution is published in eLife and highlighted in Stanford News. (read more)

Sept. 2020. Our work on planarian regeneration is featured by 2020 Science News 10: Scientists to Watch. (read more)

Jul. 2020. Stanford News highlights our paper in PLOS Computational Biology, which develops a new method to predict unprecedent extreme events in ecological fluctuations. (read more)

Mar. 2020. Our work on neural packing in the planarian brain is published in Nature Physics and highlighted in Stanford News. (read more)

Oct. 2019. Our work on mechanically resolved expansion microscopy is published in PLOS Biology and highlighted in Stanford News. (read more)

Jun. 2019. Our work on schistosomes is featured in Stanford Medicine Magazine. (read more)

Apr. 2019. Nelson Hall's project on planarian transgenics is highlighted in Stanford News. (read more)

Dec. 2018. Our work on parasite stem cells is highlighted in Stanford Engineering Magazine. (read more)

Oct. 2018. Check out the KQED video on planarian regeneration that Nelson Hall and Dania Nanes Sarfati helped to produce. This has got more than a million views! (video & story) (NPR) (Youtube)

Feb. 2016. The lab is open for business, and Alec Tarashansky becomes the first PhD student of the lab!

Oct. 2013. Our research was featured on NIH director’s blog. (read more)

Aug. 2013. Our image of a developing schistosome larva inside the muscular tentacle of its snail host was selected as one of the winners of the second annual BioArt competition by American Societies for Experimental Biology (FASEB). The image was featured in an exhibit on the National Institutes of Health main campus, also displayed at Washington Dulles International Airport’s Gateway Gallery from June through November 2014.

Honors of Group Members

NSF Graduate Research Fellowship: Prateek Kalakuntla (2021); Livia Wyss (2019); Nelson Hall (2017); Chew Chai (2017).

Stanford Graduate Fellowship (SGF): Prateek Kalakuntla (2021); Jesse Gibson (2019); Chew Chai (2017); Alec Tarashansky (2015).

Stanford Interdisciplinary Graduate Fellowship (SIGF): Eunsun Song (2022); Yuhang Fan (2020); Alec Tarashansky (2018); Margarita Khariton (2017).

Bio-X Bowes Graduate Student Fellowship: Dania Nanes Sarfati (2020).

Diversifying Academia, Recruiting Excellence (DARE) Doctoral Fellowship: Chew Chai (2022).

Siebel Scholar: Margarita Khariton (2020).

Achievement Rewards for College Scientists (ARCS) Scholar: Chew Chai (2022).

Agilent Fellowship: Pengyang Li (2018).

Stanford School of Medicine Dean's Postdoctoral Fellowship: Souradeep Sarkar (2023); Youngbin Lim (2016).

Conference Talks by Group Members

Dec. 2023. Chew Chai spoke on the cellular basis of hormonal regulation in the planarian at the ASCB|EMBO Cell Bio 2023 Meeting, Boston.

Jun. 2023. Nelson Hall, Dania Nanes Sarfati, Chew Chai spoke at the 4th North American Planarian Meeting, Portland. (program)

Jan. 2023. Yuhang Fan spoke at the Physics of Life Symposium 2023 on ERK signaling in planarian regeneration. (program)

Jan. 2023. Dania Nanes Sarfati spoke at the Conference of the American Society of Naturalists, Pacific Grove. (program)

Aug. 2022. Yuhang Fan spoke at the Santa Cruz Developmental Biology 2022 meeting on spatiotemporal coordination of wound responses during planarian regeneration and won the "Best Chosen Talk" award. (program)

Mar. 2022. Sam Bray spoke at the 2022 American Physical Society March Meeting on planarian nervous system regeneration. (abstract)

Jul. 2021. Pengyang Li spoke at the Society for Developmental Biology 80th Annual Meeting on schistosome germline development.

Jan. 2021. Dania Nanes Sarfati spoke at the SICB 2021 Annual Meeting on regeneration of symbiotic acoels.

Dec. 2020. Chew Chai and Alec Tarashansky spoke at the ASCB/EMBO Cell Bio 2020 meeting. (Chew's abstract | Alec's abstract)

Jan. 2020. Nelson Hall spoke at the conference, "Circular DNA in normal development and disease", at Berlin Institute of Health, Germany. (agenda)

Apr. 2019. Pengyang Li spoke on schistosome germline development at the 2019 Molecular Helminthology Conference, San Antonio.

Mar. 2019. Sam Bray spoke at the 2019 American Physical Society March Meeting, Boston. (abstract)

Aug. 2018. Margarita Khariton spoke at the 6th NextGen Stem Cell Conference, West Hartford.

Jul. 2018. Alec Tarashansky spoke on the self-assembled manifold analysis at the 2018 International Planarian Meeting, Madison.

Jun. 2018. Youngbin Lim spoke on the mechanical expansion microscopy at the 2018 q-bio Conference, Houston.

Mar. 2018. Alec Tarashansky and Sam Bray spoke at the 2018 American Physical Society March Meeting, Los Angeles.

Oct. 2017. Pengyang Li spoke at the 4th North American Planarian Meeting, Woods Hole. (program)