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2008-2016 (PhD and postdoc work)

  1. Memoryless self-reinforcing directionality in endosomal active transport within living cells. Chen K, Wang B*, Granick S*. Nature Materials, 14, 589-593 (2015). (*co-correspondence) (full text)

  2. Even hard-sphere colloidal suspension display Fickian yet non-Gaussian diffusion. Guan J, Wang B, Granick S. ACS Nano, 8, 3331-3336 (2014). (full text)

  3. Functional genomic characterization of neoblast-like stem cells in larval Schistosoma mansoni. Wang B, Collins JJ, Newmark PA. eLife, 2, e00768 (2013). (full text) (Insight)

  4. Adult somatic stem cells in the human parasite Schistosoma mansoni. Collins JJ, Wang B, Lambrus BG, Tharp M, Iyer H, Newmark PA. Nature, 494, 476-479 (2013). (full text) (News & Views)

  5. Bursts of active transport in living cells. Wang B, Kuo J, Granick S. Physical Review Letters, 111, 208102 (2013). (full text)

  6. Modular stitching to image single-molecule DNA transport. Guan J, Wang B, Bae SC, Granick S. Journal of the American Chemical Society, 135, 6006-6009 (2013). (full text)

  7. Diagnosing heterogeneous dynamics in single molecule/particle trajectories with multiscale wavelets. Chen K, Wang B, Guan J, Granick S. ACS Nano, 7, 8634-8644 (2013). (full text) (Perspective)

  8. When Brownian diffusion is not Gaussian. Wang B*, Kuo J, Bae SC, Granick S*. Nature Materials, 11, 481-485 (2012). (*co-correspondence) (full text)

  9. Automated single-molecule imaging to track DNA shape. Guan J, Wang B, Granick S. Langmuir, 27, 6149-6154 (2011). (full text)

  10. Single-molecule methods in polymer science. Granick S, Bae SC, Wang B, Kumar S, Guan J, Yu C, Chen K, Kuo J. Journal of Polymer Science Part B, 48, 2542-2543 (2010). (full text)

  11. Confining potential when a biopolymer filament reptates. Wang B, Guan J, Anthony SM, Bae SC, Schweizer KS, Granick S. Physical Review Letters, 104, 118301 (2010). (full text)

  12. Anomalous yet Brownian. Wang B, Anthony SM, Bae SC, Granick S. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences USA, 106, 15160-15164 (2009). (full text)

  13. Nanoparticle-induced surface reconstruction of phospholipid membranes. Wang B, Zhang L, Bae SC, Granick S. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences USA, 105, 18171-18175 (2008). (full text) (News & Views)


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